§ 90.034  INACTIVITY.
   (A)   An application for any permit under this chapter will be considered inactive if no response is provided by the applicant, their agent, or their engineer within six months from the date of the last written review comments received from LCDOT.
   (B)   If that time period has lapsed, the application will be considered invalid and the applicant must reapply and comply with any and all new conditions, policies, standards or ordinances that may be in effect at the time of the re-submittal. If more than one year has passed from the date of the last written review comments, application fees must be paid as if it was a new submittal. It shall be the permittee's responsibility to contact the Lake County Division of Transportation to determine the status of any permit submittals.
(Ord. 19-1061, passed 7-9-2019)