Upon determination by the Enforcement Officer that a property is a chronic nuisance property, the Enforcement Officer shall cause to be served upon the owner of such property a notice that the property has been found to be a chronic nuisance property. If the owner of such property cannot be found after reasonable efforts, the notice required by this provision may be served upon the occupant of the property or upon the person or persons causing, permitting, or maintaining any then-existing nuisances on the property. The notice shall direct the recipient of the notice to abate or remove such nuisance within 24 hours or such time as is reasonable, and shall state that if the nuisance is not abated or removed in such time, the county may take appropriate action to abate or remove such nuisance at the sole cost and expense of the recipient of the notice.
(Ord. 12-0446, passed 5-8-2012)