If an individual or owner has previously been issued a warning of ordinance violation and fails to abate the violation by the date specified in the warning, or if an individual or owner is in violation of any section of the public nuisances subchapter, the Enforcement Officer shall have authority to issue a notice of ordinance violation. If administrative adjudication is found to be the appropriate remedy to resolve the violation, the notice must be served in accordance with and shall contain all information specified and required in the Lake County Administrative Adjudication Ordinance (§§ 94.50 through 94.65). Prior to the hearing date documented on the notice of ordinance violation, the respondent may elect to abate or cease the violation for which the notice of ordinance violation was issued, pay the fine listed on the notice of ordinance violation, and not participate in the hearing.
(Ord. 12-0446, passed 5-8-2012; Ord. passed 9-9-2014; Ord. 16-0501, passed 6-7-2016)