(A)   Permits generally.
      (1)   No person shall operate a vending machine without a valid permit issued by the Health Officer. Permits are not transferable.
      (2)   The operator’s company name and service telephone number shall be displayed on each vending machine or conspicuously adjacent to the vending machine bank.
      (3)   All operators of vending machines shall:
         (a)   Comply with the requirements of this subchapter;
         (b)   Maintain at the operator’s headquarters or at some other designated location within the jurisdiction of the Health Officer a list of all vending machines operated by the operator within the jurisdiction, and the complete address of each machine location and of all commissaries or other establishments from which his or her machines are serviced. This information shall be available to the Health Officer upon request, and shall be kept current;
         (c)   Notify the Health Officer of each new vending machine location at which time-temperature control for safety (TCS) food, or hot or cold cup beverage vending machines have been placed in operation; and
         (d)   Notify the Health Officer of any change in operations involving new types of vending machines or conversions of existing machines to dispense products other than those for which the machines were built.
   (B)   Issuance of permits.
      (1)   Any person desiring to operate a vending machine shall make written application for a permit on forms provided by the Health Officer.
      (2)   Upon receipt of the application, the Health Officer shall make an inspection of the commissary if the commissary is in the Health Officer’s jurisdiction, supply storage, servicing, cleaning, and sanitizing facilities, and transport facilities, and representative equipment and machine locations to determine compliance with the provisions of this chapter. A permit shall be issued to the applicant by the Health Officer after compliance by the operator with the applicable provisions of this subchapter.
   (C)   Suspension of permits. The Health Officer may suspend a vending machine permit in accordance with the requirements of § 173.04(B)(1).
   (D)   Revocation. The Health Officer may revoke a vending machine permit in accordance with the requirements of § 173.04(B)(2).
   (E)   Hearings.
      (1)   The hearings provided for in this subchapter shall be conducted in accordance with §§ 176.15 through 176.17.
      (2)   A written report of the hearing decision shall be furnished to the permit holder by the Health Officer within ten days.
   (F)   Fees. Fees shall be charged according to a current fee schedule adopted by the County Board as codified in § 178.01.
(1977 Code, § 2:1-16) (Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. XVI] passed 6-8-1987; Ord. 18-0950, passed 9-11-2018)