(A)   Submission of plans. Submission and review of plans is required for each new and extensively remodeled food service facility. The specific building and sanitation requirements for each food service facility shall be based on the category of the facility as established in compliance with the requirements of this subchapter.
   (B)   Equipment. New or replacement equipment, which includes equipment new to the food service facility, shall meet the Standards of the National Sanitation Foundation or equivalent applicable standard as to construction and installation. The equipment shall only be used as prescribed in the National Sanitation Foundation Standard or equivalent applicable standard.
   (C)   Preoperational inspection. Whenever plans and specifications are required by division (A) of this section, the Health Officer shall inspect the food service facility prior to the start of operations to determine compliance with the approved plans and specifications, and with the requirements of this subchapter.
(1977 Code, § 2:1-3) (Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. III] passed 6-13-1995; Ord. 18-0950, passed 9-11-2018)