It is the intent of this subchapter to enhance public protection by targeting for education and enforcement those issues which are most commonly associated with the occurrence of foodborne illness. Those issues are time-temperature control, handwashing, and cross-contamination prevention. Time-temperature control is the most important prevention technique for reducing the occurrence of foodborne illness. This subchapter codifies an ordinance defining food, time/temperature control for safety (TCS) food, food service facility, mobile food unit, pushcart, temporary food service facility, Health Officer, utensils, equipment, and the like; providing for the sale of only sound, safe, and properly labeled food; regulating the sources of food; establishing sanitation standards for food, food protection, food service operations, food service personnel, food service equipment and utensils, sanitary facilities and controls, and other facilities; requiring permits for the operation of food service facilities; regulating the inspection of the facilities; providing for the examination and condemnation of food; providing for incorporation by reference the Illinois Food Code”, as amended from time to time, which is on file with the Secretary of State, and the chapter entitled “Compliance and Enforcement” of the current and subsequent edition of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration model food code, as amended from time to time and promulgated by the U.S, Food and Drug Administration; and providing for the enforcement of this subchapter, and the fixing of penalties.
(1977 Code, § 2:1-3) (Ord. [Bd of Health Ord., Art. III] passed 6-13-1995; Ord. 18-0950, passed 9-11-2018)