§ 30.38 DUTIES.
   (A)   The County Administrator shall generally advise, assist, act as agent for and be responsible to the County Board for the proper and efficient administration of those affairs of the county as are placed in his or her charge by the County Board. He or she shall be responsible for the enforcement of ordinances, orders, or regulations as directed by the County Board. All appointed department heads under the jurisdiction of the County Board shall report to the County Administrator.
   (B)   In order to serve effectively, the County Administrator shall:
      (1)   Recommend an annual county budget and exercise continuous budgetary supervision in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Administrative Services;
      (2)   Confer with and assist all department heads and receive reports of the activities of the departments under the jurisdiction of the Board;
      (3)   Recommend improved or standardized forms and procedures;
      (4)   Assist in the coordination of the functions and work, of all officers, committees, institutions, and departments of the county, and devise ways and means whereby efficiency and economy may be secured in the operation of all offices, institutions, departments, and their functions;
      (5)   Conduct continuous research in administrative practices;
      (6)   Represent the county in its intergovernmental relationships as directed by the Board;
      (7)   Recommend long-term plans of capital improvement with accompanying financial plans;
      (8)   Direct any administrative services as may be found desirable by the County Board to be rendered centrally;
      (9)   Direct the enforcement of personnel policies and practices through a central Human Resources Department;
      (10)   Examine regularly at periods fixed by the Board the accounts, records, and operations of every commission, department, office, and agency under control of the Board and report these findings to the Board. On a regular basis, he or she shall make recommendations to the Board for action to be taken relative to the efficient operation of the county, the betterment of public service, and the future needs of the county;
      (11)   Direct the purchase of all property, equipment, supplies, services and related contracts and the enforcement of the purchasing ordinance;
      (12)   Develop financial plans in which revenues and expenditures are projected against anticipated county growth;
      (13)   Make recommendations to the Board on new and revised state statutes which he or she considers desirable and worthy of endorsement by the Board. The County Administrator shall also recommend to the Board the adoption of new and revised ordinances, orders, and resolutions when in his or her judgment these actions will promote improved county services and operations and are in the public interest; and
      (14)   Have, with respect to the management of county-owned property and facilities, any responsibility as the Board may from time to time direct.
(1977 Code, § 1:1) (Ord. passed 10-11-1977)