9-1-2: PURPOSES:
The purposes of the Subdivision Regulations are:
   A.   To promote and protect the public health, safety, convenience and the general welfare.
   B.   To facilitate the orderly growth and development of the Village by providing suitable residential, commercial and industrial developments consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.
   C.   To secure a safe traffic circulation system by having a good relationship between the street system, adjoining subdivisions and public facilities.
   D.   To achieve individual property lots of maximum utility and livability.
   E.   To ensure adequate provisions for water, drainage, sanitary sewer facilities and other health requirements.
   F.   To secure adequate provisions for roads, recreational and open space areas, school sites and other public facilities.
   G.   To facilitate the further resubdivision of large tracts into smaller parcels of land.
   H.   To preserve the character of the Village and contiguous unincorporated territory.
   I.   To preserve the ecological system and the environment.
   J.   To establish standards of design and reasonable procedures for subdivision and resubdivision of land within the Village and adjacent unincorporated areas which are within the subdivision jurisdiction of the Village.
   K.   To assist land developers and public officials in processing subdivisions and making decisions about them.
   L.   To avoid disturbing areas subject to flooding.
   M.   To preserve natural vegetation.
   N.   To define and limit the powers and duties of the administrative officers and bodies that administer and enforce these regulations.
   O.   To help enforce the development standards contained in the Building Code, Zoning Ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan for the Village. (Ord. 89-O-6, 2-7-1989)