A.   No building, structure or parts or appurtenances thereof, such as water supply, sewage disposal, plumbing installation and electrical installation, located in the village shall be erected, installed, altered, converted, remodeled, structurally repaired, moved, demolished or changed except in conformity with the regulations and requirements established in this title and all other provisions of this code relating to building or zoning 1 .
   B.   All buildings and structures and parts and appurtenances thereof, both existing and hereafter erected or installed, shall be so maintained that the occupants and users thereof and others are reasonably safe from the hazards of fire, explosion, collapse, contagion and spread of infectious disease. If found by the building commissioner, not so maintained, the building commissioner may order necessary corrective work, repair, replacement or removal.
   C.   These rules and regulations set forth requirements, which are considered reasonable and are held in every instance to be the minimum for the promotion of public health, safety and the general welfare.
   D.   The requirements of this title apply to the administration and enforcement of this title, other pertinent provisions of this code and laws applicable to any regulated building, structure, part or appurtenance thereof. (Ord. 2011-O-07, 4-6-2011)



1. See title 8 of this code for zoning regulations.