The provisions of this chapter as set forth below shall be provided during the months of March and November to all City residents by publication in the “Angelus.”
   Notice For All Property Owners
      Notice is hereby given to all persons owning or occupying any property within the City of Lake Angelus that pursuant to Ordinance No. 149 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, it shall be the duty of such owners to keep the surface area of any private fire lane and one foot on either side of the private fire lane reasonably clear of all obstructions, such as tree trunks, large branches, or other bushes, and any accumulation of snow or ice over three inches within a period of twenty-four hours, which may interfere with the use of the private fire lane by emergency vehicles. All such properties shall include those abutting and/or traversed by a private fire lane as primary means of ingress and egress. If the provisions of this Ordinance are not complied with, the City shall cause such obstructions to be cut or destroyed and/or snow or ice accumulation to be removed, and the costs of such cutting, destruction or removal shall be charged to the abutting property owners where the obstruction or accumulation is on the private fire lane and, if necessary, be collected as a tax lien against the property as is provided by law.
(Ord. 108.  Passed 12-13-05; Ord. 149. Passed 3-12-19.)