It shall be the duty of the owner of every premises or property within in the City, whether improved or unimproved, which has its vehicular access and benefits from a private fire lane, established in accordance with Section 414.01, including private roads and ingress/egress easements, to maintain such private fire lane, as set forth in Section 414.03 with all of the following standards:
   (a)   The surface area of the private fire lane shall be kept reasonably free of all snow and ice. Any accumulation of snow or ice in excess of three of more inches, whether by natural accumulation or drifting, shall be cleared from the private fire lane within twenty-four hours after snow or ice shall cease to fall, with the exception of private driveways.
   (b)   A minimum of one foot from each edge of the private fire lane shall be kept free of obstructions including, but not limited to, foliage, trees, boulders, light posts, fences and fence posts.
   (c)   The requirements of this section are considered as minimum requirements for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. In addition to complying with these requirements, all single-family dwellings shall in all other respects provide access sufficient for the provision of fire protection, police, ambulance and other emergency services.
(Ord. 108.  Passed 12-13-05.)