(a)   Exceptions from the standards in Section 414.03 may be granted by the Planning Commission in respect to site plan approval or otherwise by the officials specified in Section 414.01, to accommodate circumstances where it would be unreasonable to impose standard requirements, provided that granting of such exceptions does not unduly impair access to structures for fire protection and other emergency services.
   (b)   For private roads, ingress/egress easements and driveways serving single family dwellings on the date of adoption of Section 414.03, no modifications of the existing road easement or driveway to comply  with the requirements of Section 414.03 shall be required, unless the Chief of Police and Fire Chief determine minimum modifications are necessary in order to allow fire equipment to ingress and egress road easement or driveway. In such cases, the minimum modifications shall be made by the property owner(s), within a reasonable time. Any such road, easement or driveway shall be maintained in a way to keep vegetation from obstructing ingress and egress of fire and emergency vehicles.
(Ord. 98.  Passed 12-13-04.)