(a)   Establishment.  There is hereby established in and for the City an Environmental Quality Board.  The Board shall be advisory only and shall not exercise any governmental authority which could result in its classification as a public body which is subject to the Open Meetings Act or the Freedom of Information Act.
   (b)   Membership.  The Environmental Quality Board shall consist of not less than nine nor more than twelve voting members to be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council, and including either one or two, but not more than two, members of the City Council.  Residents and property owners in the City of Lake Angelus are qualified to serve as members.  Members shall be appointed for staggered three–year terms, with one–third of the membership terms to expire on December 31 of each year.  Initial appointment terms shall be staggered and appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the balance of unexpired terms.  Members shall serve without compensation.
   (c)   Organization and Meetings.  At its first meeting each calendar year, the Environmental Quality Board shall elect from its members a Chair, Vice–Chair and Secretary for one–year terms.  Officers may be re–elected for successive terms without limitation.  Six members shall constitute a quorum and the affirmative majority vote of not less than six members shall be required to validate any action by the Board.  The Chair shall schedule regular quarterly meetings, provided that the Chair, Vice–Chair or any three members may convene special meetings at any time.  The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and records all resolutions, findings, and recommendations of the Board.
   (d)   Duties and Responsibilities.  The Environmental Quality Board shall provide advice and recommendations to the City Council and the Planning Commission on all matters affecting the environment of the City of Lake Angelus, including, but not limited to, water quality, air quality, the preservation and maintenance of wildlife, sanctuaries, nature preserves, woodlands, wetlands, and dam maintenance, and the regulation of the Lake level, wells, septic systems and storm water.  The Board shall conduct studies and formulate reports and recommendations initiated by the Board or requested by the City Council or the Planning Commission and shall provide budget recommendations to the City Council for the use and expenditure of the City's environmental expense account.  The Board shall have no authority to receive or expend funds, but may recommend the expenditure of funds by the City Council.
(Ord. 86.  Passed 5–10–99.)