The Police Chief is authorized to establish a Police Auxiliary to assist the Police Department in carrying out its duties, and to appoint persons who are not certified police officers as members of the Police Auxiliary.  Members of the Police Auxiliary shall have such powers, duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed from time to time by the Police Chief, but shall exercise all police powers under the direction of the Police Chief or a certified police officer.  The Police Auxiliary may be authorized by the Police Chief to issue and serve appearance tickets with respect to any offense less than felony grade if the member of the Police Auxiliary has reasonable cause to believe that the person has committed an offense.  Membership in the Police Auxiliary shall be considered to be voluntary service to the City of Lake Angelus and members shall not be deemed to be employees of the City, for purposes of compensation or fringe benefits, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation or otherwise.
(Ord. 43.  Passed 6–10–85; Ord. 84.  Passed 5–11–98.)