(a)   Marihuana establishments, as authorized by and defined in the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (the “Act”), are prohibited in all zoning districts, and shall not be permitted as home occupations.
   (b)   No use that constitutes or purports to be a marihuana grower, marihuana safety compliance facility, marihuana processor, marihuana microbusiness, marihuana retailer, marihuana secure transporter or any other type of marihuana related business authorized by the Act, that was engaged in prior to the enactment of this section, shall be deemed to have been a legally established use under the provisions of the City Zoning Code; i.e., that use shall not be entitled to claim legal nonconforming status.
   (c)   This section does not supersede rights and obligations with respect to the transportation of marihuana by marihuana secure transporters through the City to the extent provided by the Act.
(Ord.147.  Passed 1-8-19.)