Section 5.5  Publication of Notices and Ordinances. 
Notices or proceedings requiring publication, and all ordinances passed by the Council, shall, except as otherwise provided by this Charter, be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the City either in full or in synopsis form, and if in synopsis form the publication shall indicate that the full document is available for public inspection at any time at the Clerk's office during normal business hours. If there be no such newspaper published in the City, the Council may direct that such notices, proceedings, or ordinances be printed and posted in at least four (4) public places within the City, one (1) of which shall be posted prominently in the usual place of meeting of the Council. Immediately after such publication the Clerk shall enter in his records a certificate of publication made by the printer of the newspaper or by someone in his employ, or by the person who posted the document, if such publication was made by posting, stating the date and particulars concerning the publication. In the case of an ordinance, a certificate of publication shall be entered in the ordinance book. Such certificate shall be prima–facie evidence of the due publication of such notice, proceedings, or ordinance.