(a)   Adoption of Code. The 2015 International Property Maintenance Code, promulgated, adopted, and published by the International Code Council, Inc. is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference into the City of Lake Angelus Code of Ordinances. See link to current International Property Maintenance Code at lakeangelus.org
   (b)   Modifications applicable to City of Lake Angelus Code. The following modifications of the Code, as adopted in subsection (a) above, shall be incorporated as part of the Property Maintenance Code for the City of Lake Angelus to be inserted in the respective sections of the Code as specified:
      (1)   Section 101.1. Insert: City of Lake Angelus
      (2)   Section 103.5. Revise to read as follows: The fees for activities and services performed by City Officials in carrying out its responsibilities under this Code shall be reviewed and set by the City Council on a periodic basis.
      (3)   Section 112.4. Insert: 100 and 500.
      (4)   Section 302.4. Insert: Eight.
      (5)   Section 304.14 Insert: April 1 and December 1.
      (6)   Section 602.3. Insert: October 1 and May 1.
      (7)   Section 602.4 Insert: October 1 and May 1.
(Ord. 138.  Passed 11-15-16.)