Section 4.12  Organization of the Council. 
Commencing in 1991, or in such prior year as there may be a vacancy in the office of Mayor, the Council shall, at its first meeting held following each regular City election, and at the November meeting in each year in which there is no regular City election, elect by majority vote one of its members to serve as Mayor and one of its members to serve as Mayor pro tem for one year terms commencing forthwith and continuing until their successors are elected and qualified, and shall by resolution set the times for holding regular meetings of the Council. The same individual may be elected for successive terms as Mayor or as Mayor pro tem without limitation. The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the Council, except that the Mayor pro tem shall preside over meetings of the Council at the call of the Mayor, or when, on account of absence from the City, disability or otherwise, the Mayor is temporarily unable to perform the duties of his office, and, in case of a vacancy in the office of Mayor, until such vacancy is filled by the Council. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of Mayor or Mayor pro tem, the Council shall elect a Councilman from its elected membership to fill such vacancy, but until such vacancy is filled, the senior member of the Council from the standpoint of continuous service shall act as Mayor pro tem. As between persons of equal seniority, the person who received the highest number of votes at the time of his last election shall act. 
(Amended Nov. 3, 1987)