(a)   Maximum Illumination.  Where a site is located in or abuts a residential zoning district or where a site abuts a lake, the maximum illumination level shall not exceed .1 footcandles at a level of five feet above actual grade at the lot line in the side yards and at the shoreline in the front yards.
   (b)   Fixture Orientation and Shielding.  Lighting fixtures shall where possible be focused downward and shielded to minimize light glare onto adjoining properties and the shoreline.
   (c)   Recreational Lighting.  High intensity lighting of tennis courts, swimming pools, other recreational facilities, and other outdoor temporary lighting in residential districts shall be shut off between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
   (d)   Exceptions. The following exterior lighting shall be exempt from the regulations in this section.
      (1)   Street lighting.
      (2)   Temporary short-term (measuring 30 minutes or less) or motion-sensor lighting for security purposes.
      (3)   Temporary lighting for construction or emergency purposes.
(Ord. 126.  Passed 5-14-13.)