Words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the meanings set forth below. Words and phrases not defined herein shall be given their common, ordinary meaning, unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
   (a)   “Fixture.” The assembly that holds the lamp in a lighting system. The “fixture” includes the elements designed to give light output control, such as a reflector (mirror), refractor (lens), the ballast, housing, and the attachment parts.
   (b)   “Footcandle.” A measure of light intensity; the level of illuminance produced on a surface one foot from a uniform point source of one candela or when one lumen is distributed into an area of one square foot.
   (c)   “Fully shielded fixture.” An outdoor lighting fixture that is shielded or constructed so that all light emitted is projected onto the site and away from adjoining properties and the shoreline.
(Ord. 126.  Passed 5-14-13.)