1260.01  INTENT.
   Certain existing lots, structures and uses of lots and structures were lawful before this Zoning Code was adopted, but have become nonconformities under the terms of this Zoning Code and its amendments. It is the intent of this Zoning Code to permit such nonconformities to remain until they are discontinued or removed, but not to encourage their survival or, where discontinuance or removal is not feasible, to gradually upgrade such nonconformities to conforming status. Nonconformities shall not be enlarged, expanded or extended, except as provided herein, and shall not be used as grounds for adding other structures and uses of lots and structures which are prohibited. Nonconformities are declared by this Zoning Code to be incompatible with the structures and uses permitted in the various districts.
(Ord. 85.  Passed 1-11-99.)