The City Council may designate an area as a natural feature which is essential to the protection of the natural resources of the City from pollution, impairment or damage, by making a determination that one or more of the following functions are applicable to the site:
   (a)   The site supports State or Federal endangered or threatened plants, fish or wildlife appearing on a list specified in Section 6 of Act 203 of the Public Acts of 1974, as amended, being M.C.L. 299.226.;
   (b)   The site represents a locally rare or unique ecosystem;
   (c)   The site supports plants or animals of local importance;
   (d)   The site provides significant groundwater recharge;
   (e)   The site provides flood storm water control by the hydrologic absorption and storage capacity;
   (f)   The site provides wildlife habitat by providing breeding, nesting or feeding grounds or cover for forms of wildlife, waterfowl, including migratory waterfowl, and rare, threatened or endangered wildlife species;
   (g)   The site provides protection of subsurface water resources and provision of valuable watersheds and recharging of groundwater supplies;
   (h)   The site provides pollution treatment by serving as a biological and chemical oxidation basin;
   (i)   The site provides control by serving as a sedimentation area and filtering basin.
(Ord. 85.  Passed 1–11–99.)