(a)   Essential services shall be permitted as authorized and regulated by law and other ordinances of the City. The construction of buildings associated with essential services shall be subject to the provisions of Section 1242.04 (Site Plan Review). Otherwise, the construction, maintenance and alteration of essential services shall be exempt from the provisions of this Zoning Code.  Commercial communication towers are not permitted as essential services for the purposes of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   Transformers shall be placed no more than ten (10) feet from a side lot line. Where a transformer serves 2 adjacent parcels, the structure may be placed on the shared lot line. In no case shall a transformer be placed within fifty (50) feet of the lakeshore or within the Lake View setback.
(Ord. 85.  Passed 1-11-99; Ord. 141. Passed 4-11-17.)