Land shall not be used for any of the following purposes, which are hereby declared to be public nuisances:
   (a)   Any structure which is unsafe or which is a danger to the health, safety or welfare of the public is a public nuisance.
   (b)   The unauthorized or uncontained depositing or storage of rubbish, garbage, toxic substances or other offensive or dangerous material in any public or private place is a public nuisance.
   (c)   The launch and/or use of internal combustion engines upon the waters or ice surface of Lake Angelus for purposes other than, (i) the operation of conventional watercraft (other than pontoon boats) powered by inboard four-cycle engines, provided that such conventional watercraft shall not exceed 25 feet in length or exceed 6,100 pounds dry weight, or (ii) the operation of pontoon boats (as defined herein) powered by an inboard four-cycle engine, or (iii) the operation of pontoon boats (as defined herein) powered by one outboard four-cycle, CARB 3-STAR rating or better, maximum 200 horsepower engine manufactured in 2021 or thereafter; is a public nuisance.
(Ord. 157.  Passed 2-9-21.)
   (d)   (EDITOR’S NOTE: Division (d) was repealed by Ordinance 126, passed May 14, 2013, which adopted new provisions on outdoor lighting.  See Chapter 660, Illumination control.)
   (e)   The use or maintenance of any septic tank or septic disposal field which causes or threatens to cause pollution to Lake Angelus or its tributaries, and the construction or installation of a new septic system or the extension of an existing septic system after February 14, 1989, any part of which is located within 100 feet of the waterline of Lake Angelus at its normal level of 950.00 feet or within 100 feet of any tributary to Lake Angelus, or in any floodplain or other area subject to seasonal flooding, or between the principal residence and Lake Angelus, is a public nuisance. In the event that the City Council should determine that practical difficulty or unusual hardship prevents strict compliance with the foregoing prohibition, the City Council may approve septic system locations which fail to comply with the foregoing restrictions, but which have alternative safeguards to assure the avoidance of pollution of Lake Angelus, and such approved locations shall not constitute a public nuisance.
   (f)   The installation or use of permanently or temporarily installed storage tanks for the storage of gasoline, petroleum products, toxic substances, chemicals or other pollutants at or near the shore of Lake Angelus or its tributaries, or in any location where leakage of such materials from storage containers could contaminate Lake Angelus or its tributaries, is a public nuisance. The temporary storage of fuel in legal portable containers is not prohibited.
   (g)   The operation of any motor vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile, power-driven ice boat, or other motorized vehicle, upon the ice surface of Lake Angelus, and the use of any such vehicle upon any public or private property or private road within the City of Lake Angelus, are public nuisances, provided that this provision shall not apply to the use of such vehicles on private property which is owned or occupied by the owner of the vehicle, or to the use of such vehicles by members of the Police Department in the performance of their duties, or to the use of licensed motor vehicles for transportation purposes on public and private roads and driveways. The parents or legal guardians of juveniles shall be responsible for violations of this provision by juveniles under their legal custody.
   (h)   The open storage of any motor vehicle, motor home, house trailer, trailer, boat, raft, watercraft, aircraft or similar item, which is not directly or indirectly owned by the owner or occupant of the property where it is stored, is a public nuisance.
   (i)   The open storage for continuous periods of five days or more of commercial equipment or a boat or vehicle which is unrelated to the residential use of the property where it is stored, and the open storage of a boat or vehicle which is not currently licensed for use under applicable licensing laws, are public nuisances.
   (j)   The mooring, docking, launching, storage or use of any aircraft, airplane, sailplane, seaplane, helicopter, ground effect vehicle or lighter-than-air craft is a public nuisance. 
      (Ord. 85.  Passed 1-11-99; Ord. 126.  Passed 5-14-13.)