Section 2.1  In General. 
The City of Lake Angelus and its officers shall be vested with power to exercise all municipal powers in the management and control of municipal property and in the administration of the municipal government, whether such powers are expressly enumerated herein or not, and to perform any act to advance the interests of the City, the good government and prosperity of the Municipality and its inhabitants and, through its regularly constituted authority, to pass all laws and ordinances relating to its municipal concerns subject to the Constitution and general laws of the State of Michigan. Said City and its officers shall be vested with any and all powers and immunities, express and implied, which cities and their officers are or hereafter may be permitted to exercise or to provide for in their Charters under the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan, including all powers and immunities which are granted to cities and their officers as fully and completely as though those powers and immunities were specifically enumerated in and provided for in this Charter. In no case shall any enumeration of particular powers or immunities in this Charter be held to be exclusive.