(a)   In General.  Prior to the issuance of building permits or commencement of construction for new structures and for additions that expand floor area, site plan review and approval are required in accordance with the procedures contained in this section.
   (b)   Criteria.  A site plan shall be reviewed and approved upon a finding that the following conditions are met:
      (1)   The proposed use will not be injurious to the surrounding neighborhood and protects the general health, safety, welfare and character of the City.
      (2)   The natural beauty and traditional residential character are promoted.
      (3)   Proper access to the site by fire, emergency and service vehicles will be provided.
      (4)   Natural features, wetlands, steep slopes, woodlands and the essential character of the Lake Angelus waterfront will be preserved.
      (5)   Natural drainage and natural vegetation will be preserved, soil erosion will be controlled and the runoff of fertilizers and other detrimental substances into the Lake will be prevented.
      (6)   Grading shall not materially change the existing character of the site or its relationship to neighboring property. See Section 1248.05.
      (7)   Increases and changes in surface water runoff attributable to the proposed construction shall be contained on the site and shall not be diverted onto neighboring property.
      (8)   Wastewater treatment systems, including on-site septic systems, will be located to minimize any potential degradation of surface water or groundwater quality and meet City, County and State standards.
      (9)   The proposed use is in compliance with all City ordinances and any other applicable laws.
   (c)   Information Required on Site Plan. A site plan submitted for review and approval shall contain all of the following data prior to its submission to the City for review. At its sole discretion, the Planning Commission may waive certain informational requirements, provided the intent of division (b) hereof is met.  Site plans shall consist of an overall plan for the entire development. Sheet size shall be at least 24 inches by 36 inches with plan view drawn to a scale of one inch equals 50 feet for property less than three acres or one inch equals 100 feet for property three or more acres. A separate sheet of the same size shall show the area within 50 feet of the house drawn to a scale of one inch equals ten feet. See Section 1248.05.
      (1)   General information.
         A.   Proprietors', applicants' and owners' names, addresses and telephone numbers.
         B.   Date of preparation, including revisions.
         C.   Scale, location map and north arrow.
         D.   Architect, civil engineer or registered land surveyor seal.
         E.   Existing and proposed lot lines on the parcel and within 100 feet of the site.
         F.   Centerline and existing and proposed right-of-way lines of any street.
         G.   Zoning classification of petitioner's parcel and of all abutting parcels.
         H.   Gross acreage figure.
      (2)   Physical features.
         A.   Existing and proposed locations of the following: driveways, wells, septic systems and easements.
         B.   Location of all existing and proposed structures with required setback dimensions, including Lake view site lines as set forth in Section 1246.07, footnote 2.
         C.   Location of all existing and proposed structures located on adjacent property and within 200 feet of the subject property.
         D.   Transformers.
         E.   Outdoor mechanical equipment such as air conditioning generators, and typical building elevations.
         F.   Detail plan for soil erosion protection.
         G.   Locations and elevations of all grading changes from the natural grade.
         H.   Plans for the disposition of surface water runoff affected by the proposed construction.
         I.   Location and type of screening of accessory out–buildings where visible from adjoining lots and road.
         J.   Proposed basement floor elevation.
         K.   Landscape plan showing all proposed structures and any planned removal or addition of trees.
         L.   A table depicting the area and percent lot coverage of the following:
            (i)   The area of the footprint of the primary residence (including any attached accessory structures such as a garage, enclosed porch, etc.). The footprint shall encompass the farthest limits of a structure, including eaves and cantilevered floor area, regardless of whether or not the extent of the structure is at grade level;
            (ii)   The total area of all accessory structures;
            (iii)   The total area of all impervious surfaces, including undisturbed land;
            (iv)   The total area of all pervious surfaces; and
            (v)   The total lot area.
      (3)   Natural features.
         A.   Existing topography with a maximum contour interval of two feet, both on the site and beyond the site for a distance of 50 feet in all directions.
         B.   Grading plan, showing finished contours at a maximum interval of two feet, correlated with existing contours so as to clearly indicate required cutting, filling and grading.
         C.   Location of the ordinary high-water mark at the 950.0 level of Lake Angelus, drainage courses, wetlands and woodlands.
         D.   Location of the flood plain line as specified on the community’s FIRM maps.
      (4)   Building information. The following information shall be submitted concurrently with the site plan for consideration of site plan approval. Sheet size for submissions shall be at least 24 inches by 36 inches.
         A.   Dimensioned architectural floor plans for each floor, drawn to a scale of one-quarter inch equals one (1) foot (¼” = 1"-0"). Alternative scales may be considered if they adequately describe the floor plan. Floor plans shall include the proposed floor area for each floor.
         B.   Dimensioned building elevations for each side of the building, drawn to a scale of one-quarter inch equals one (1) foot (¼” = 1"0"). Alternative scales may be considered if they adequately describe the planned elevation.
      (5)   Additional information. The Planning Commission, City Planner, or Building Official may require additional information as a condition of site plan approval where such information will clarify that the intent of division (b) hereof is met.
(Ord. 141. Passed 4-11-17.; Ord. 151. Passed 6-11-19.)
   (d)   Review Procedures.
      (1)   Building Official review.  All site plans shall be submitted to the Building Official at least 14 days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission and must contain the following to be accepted:
         A.   A completed application signed by the owner or the owner’s authorized representative.
         B.   Nine copies of the site plan.
         C.   All items as required by division (c) hereof shown on the site plan.
         D.   Soil erosion control and earth change permit application.
         E.   Required fees.
         F.   Upon receipt of the site plan, the Building Official shall place review of the site plan on the next available Planning Commission agenda. The Building Official may refer the site plan to appropriate experts for review.
      (2)   Planning Commission review.  The Planning Commission will consider the application and site plan and take one of the following actions:
         A.   Approval. Upon finding that the application and site plan meets the standards set forth in division (b) hereof, the Planning Commission shall approve the site plan.
         B.   Approval With Minor Revisions. Upon finding that the application and site plan meets the standards set forth in division (b) hereof, except for minor revisions which can be made by the applicant and confirmed by the Building Official, the Planning Commission may approve the site plan conditioned upon said revisions being made.
         C.   Tabling. Upon finding that the application and site plan do not, but could, meet the standards set forth in division (b) hereof upon the making of revisions, confirmation of which requires further technical review by the Building Official and Planning Commission, the Planning Commission may table its recommendation until the revised plan is resubmitted.
         D.   Denial. Upon finding that the application and site plan do not meet one or more of the standards set forth in division (b) hereof and that revisions necessary to meet said standards are so extensive as to require the preparation of a new site plan, the Planning Commission shall deny approval.
      (3)   Record of action. The Planning Commission shall note on a site plan any action or recommendation regarding that plan and provide at least one copy of that Plan together with any required written findings, conditions or reasons to the Clerk. A copy of the Planning Commission minutes shall be sufficient to satisfy this requirement.
      (4)   Documentation consent. During the period of time when an application has been filed for a project requiring site plan review and completion of said project, the property owner consents to allow employees and representatives of the City of Lake Angelus to reasonably enter upon and conduct an inspection and investigation of the property, including documentation of existing conditions. Such documentation may include, but is not limited to, written accounts, photographs, video, or other methods of completing an existing condition record of the site.
(Ord. 151.  Passed 6-11-19.)
   (e)   Conformity to Site Plan and Expiration of Approval.
      (1)   After filing the approved application and site plan, satisfaction of any conditions of said approval and compliance with this Zoning Code and other ordinances, a building permit may be issued. All development and construction shall be in complete conformity with the site plan as approved. A staked boundary and building corner survey shall be provided before construction is commenced, by a registered civil engineer or registered land surveyor. The Building Official may, at his or her discretion, require a complete or partial as-built site plan, certified by a registered civil engineer or registered land surveyor, showing structure locations, grading, drainage and other features.
      (2)   Site plan approval is valid for a period of one year from the date of Planning Commission action, within which time all necessary building permits shall be secured and construction substantially commenced. The Planning Commission may grant an extension of site plan approval for up to one year. All requests for extensions shall be made in writing and include a statement of why the extension is necessary and confirmation of ability to complete construction in conformity with the site plan as approved.
(Ord. 85.  Passed 1-11-99; Ord. 94.  Passed 2-11-02; Ord. 110.  Passed 11-10-06; Ord. 130.  Passed 2-11-14.)