Special Assessments
1050.01   Definitions.
1050.02   General authority of City Council.
1050.03   Initiation of projects by City Council action.
1050.04   Initiation of projects by advisory petition.
1050.05   Preparation of plans, specifications, cost, assessment district.
1050.06   Public hearing on necessity conducted.
1050.07   City Council determination of necessity.
1050.08   City Assessor to make special assessment roll.
1050.09   Public hearing on roll; changes and corrections.
1050.10   City Council confirmation of special assessment roll.
1050.11   Objection petition to public improvement.
1050.12   Due upon confirmation of special assessment roll; exception.
1050.13   Payment in installments.
1050.14   Creation of lien.
1050.15   Additional assessments, refunds.
1050.16   Contested collection of assessments.
1050.17   Reassessment for benefits.
1050.18   Combination of projects.
1050.19   Division of parcels.
1050.20   Deferred payments.
1050.21   Contract between City and property owner.
1050.22   City Council authority to terminate improvement and special assessment.