(a)   No person shall enter, go upon or propel a motor vehicle in, over or upon any roadway, orchard, garden, field, lawn, house, garage or other building, or enter, go upon, propel, anchor or move a watercraft of any description whatsoever upon any shore, beach, dock, float, bathing platform, or on any private property of another, without the permission of the owner or occupant thereof, or cut down, injure or destroy any fruit or shade trees or shrubs, or pick, take, carry away, destroy or injure any fruits, vegetables, flowers, grass or crops therein, or camp, park, picnic or build fires on any private lands of another without the consent of the owner or occupant thereof.
   (b)   Any person who shall willfully enter upon the lands or premises of another without lawful authority, after having been forbidden so to do, or after such lands or premises have been previously posted with a conspicuous notice forbidding any trespass thereon by the owner or occupant, or agent or servant of the owner or occupant, or any person being upon the land or premises of another, upon being notified to depart therefrom by the owner or occupant, or agent or servant of either, who, without lawful authority neglects or refuses to depart therefrom, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(Ord. 2.  Passed 6-9-30; Ord. 99.  Passed 12-8-03.)