(A)   Procedure for shut-off of utility services. Except as otherwise provided by M.S. § 216B.097, as it may be amended from time to time, and any other state or federal law of regulation controlling shut- off procedures for municipal utilities, the following procedures shall apply.
      (1)   All municipal utilities on a customer account may be shut off or discontinued when payment for any utilities is not made as and when required, or when a utility customer violates rule or regulation applicable to such utility service. Partial payment of a delinquent utility account does not prevent utility services from being shut-off, except as approved pursuant to § 50.05.
      (2)   When a proposed shut-off is the result of non-payment of a utility account:
         (a)   A written notice shall be mailed to the customer one day after the utility account becomes delinquent. In the event that the property served by the utilities is occupied by someone other than the owner thereof, notices shall be sent to both the owner and the occupant of the property. The notice shall state the total amount due and date by which the account must be paid to avoid shut-off (one month after due date of bill). The notice shall also notify the customer of the procedure for administrative appeal of the proposed shut-off;
         (b)   If the account remains unpaid two weeks after the mailing of the first notice, without application for appeal under § 50.05, a second notice shall be mailed, containing the same information as the first notice, except that the second notice shall not contain information on appeal procedures; and
         (c)   If the account remains unpaid as of the close of business on the date designated in the notices, the utilities shall be shut off, unless the customer has filed a timely appeal which is pending or which has resulted in a ruling in favor of the customer. Shut-offs for non-payment shall take place only during business hours on Mondays through Thursdays. Notices required by this regulation shall be sent by first class mail to the last-known address of each recipient.
   (B)   Payment prior to shut-off. If a customer makes payment of the delinquent amounts after the date designated in the notice, but before the utilities have actually been shut off, the customer shall pay a processing fee as set forth in the city’s current fee schedule to defray the administration costs of canceling the shut-off order. To avoid shut-off, this fee must be paid at the same time that the delinquent amounts are paid.
   (C)   Reconnection. After a shut-off has occurred in accordance with this regulation, the customer may request reconnection of utility services by making payment at the City Clerk’s office of all delinquent amounts owed by the customer on all utility accounts (including late-payment penalties) and a reconnection fee for each utility to be reconnected. The reconnection fee shall be as set forth in the city’s current fee schedule. The customer shall also complete an application for utility services if required by the City Clerk’s office. The utility services shall be reconnected as soon as practicable after receipt of such payment and application.
(Ord. 94, passed 2-9-2004)