(A)   Purpose. Administrative penalty procedures established pursuant to this section are intended to provide the public and the city with an informal cost effective and expeditious alternative to address violations of city code. The administrative penalty procedures outlined in this section do not apply to any violation of M.S. Chapter 169, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (B)   Process. City staff is hereby given authority to issue administrative citations for violation of city ordinances. The City Council shall appoint up to three citizens, who are not city staff or members of the City Council, to hear challenges to the issuance of administrative citations. Any person who receives an administrative citation may appeal the citation to that body. The hearing body will then consider whether or not the complaining party should be required to pay the citation. The hearing body’s decision shall be final.
   (C)   Notice and payment. In the discretion of the issuing person, violations of the provisions of the city ordinance listed in the City Council resolution (as amended from time to time) “Adopting a Schedule of Offenses and Establishing Administrative Penalties” may be enforced by issuing, on a citation form authorized by the City Attorney, a request to make payment for the violation directly to the city within seven days of the violation. A late charge of 10% shall be imposed for each seven days the requested penalty remains unpaid after the requested payment is due.
   (D)   Amount of payment. The amount payable for an applicable violation shall be as set in the city fee schedule, and shall be paid directly to the City Treasury. In the event that a party is charged with a subsequent violation within a 12-month period, the subsequent request for payment shall be increased by 25% above the previous payment.
   (E)   Failure to pay. Failure to make payment for the violation in the time specified will result in the late charge described above and may, in the discretion of the issuing person in consultation with the City Attorney, result in further action or collection efforts consistent with applicable statutes and ordinances.
(Ord. 107, passed 9-9-2013)