The procedure for taking action on a conditional use application shall be as follows.
   (A)   An application for a conditional use permit shall be filed with the City Clerk.
   (B)   The application shall be accompanied by a site plan of the proposed use showing such information as may be necessary or desirable, including, but not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Site plan drawn to scale showing parcel and building dimensions;
      (2)   Location of all buildings and their square footage;
      (3)   Curb cuts, driveways, access roads parking spaces and off-street loading areas;
      (4)   Existing topography;
      (5)   Finished grading and drainage plan;
      (6)   Sanitary sewer and water plan with estimated use per day;
      (7)   Soil type of soil limitations for the intended use; and
      (8)   A map showing all principal land use within 250 feet.
   (C)   The application and related file shall be referred to the City Council for study concerning the effect of the proposed use on the land use plan and on the character and development of the neighborhood.
   (D)   The City Council shall cause to be published a notice of public hearing in the official newspaper at least ten days prior to the date of hearing.
   (E)   The City Council shall cause all property owners within 350 feet of the site of the proposal, to be notified by letter notice at least ten days prior to the date of the hearing.
   (F)   The City Council shall hold the public hearing, and within a reasonable time, make its order deciding the matter and shall serve a copy of the order upon the appellant or petitioner by mail.
   (G)   Any use permitted under the terms of any conditional use permit shall be established and conducted in conformity to the terms of the permit and of any conditions designated in connection therewith. Noncompliance could result in termination of the conditional use permit.
   (H)   A conditional use permit issued hereunder shall become void one year after it was granted unless made use of.
   (I)   A conditional use permit shall remain in effect as long as the conditions agreed upon are observed, but nothing shall prevent the city from enacting or amending this chapter to change the status of conditional uses.
   (J)   A certified copy of any conditional use permit shall be filed with the County Recorder in which the city is located for record. The conditional use permit shall include the legal description of the property included.
(Ord. 75, passed 12-27-1990)