(A)   (1)   In order to be eligible for membership in this Association, persons must be of good moral character and must be in good physical condition.
      (2)   To be a regular team member, it is required that a member be at least 18 years of age and have the following:
         (a)   Valid and current EMT license;
         (b)   Current CPR Card;
         (c)   Must have completed at least two hours of actual training using the equipment which he or she will actually be using in the Association; and
         (d)   Valid driver’s license.
   (B)   Before acceptance into the Association, the Ambulance Service shall ascertain that the new member understands the terms and conditions of being a volunteer.
   (C)   Any member desiring to resign from the Association shall submit his or her resignation in writing to the Secretary, who will present it to the Ambulance Service for action. Members whose actions while on call would indicate that they may not perform in the best interests the service for which it is organized to perform, may be removed, with the advice and consent of the Mayor and City Attorney, after careful investigation of the problems involved. Written notice of the removal shall be served in person or sent to the member by registered mail, return receipt. A member may appeal the removal, to the City Council by requesting a hearing before the Council in writing within ten days of receipt of the notice of removal.
(Ord. 76, passed 4-25-1991)