(A)   Any permit issued for a massage establishment shall be revoked or suspended by the Chief of Police, after a public hearing before the Chief of Police where it is found that any of the provi- sions of this subchapter are violated or where the permittee or any employee of the permittee, including a masseur or masseuse, has been convicted of any offense found in § 115.33 and the permittee has actual or constructive knowledge of the violation or conviction, or in any case, where the permittee refuses to permit any duly authorized police officer or Health Inspector to inspect the premises or the operations therein.
   (B)   No such public hearing shall be held unless the Chief of Police gives the permittee whose permit is its subject at least ten days written notice of the specific charges against him and of the date of the hearing.
   (C)   At the required hearing, the person whose permit is its subject shall have the right to present evidence, cross-examine those who testify against him and be represented by an attorney.
('75 Code, § 14-109) (Ord. 4251, passed 10-29-73)