(A)   The application for a permit to operate a massage estab- lishment shall set forth the exact nature of the massage to be administered, the proposed place of business and facilities therefor, and the name and address of each applicant.
   (B)   In addition to the foregoing, any applicant for such a permit shall furnish the following information:
      (1)   Written proof that the applicant is at least l8 years of age.
      (2)   Two portrait photographs of him at least two inches by two inches.
      (3)   His fingerprints.
      (4)   His business, occupation, or employment for the three years immediately preceding the date of application.
      (5)   His massage or similar business license history.
      (6)   Whether such person, in previously operating in this or another city or state under license, has had such license revoked or suspended, the reason therefor, and the business activity or occupation subsequent to such action of suspension or revocation.
      (7)   Any criminal convictions, except minor traffic violations.
('75 Code, § 14-105)