For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clear1y indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "EMPLOYEE." Any and all persons, other than the masseurs or masseuses, who render any service to the permittee, who receive compensation directly from the permittee, and who have no physical contact with customers and clients.
   "MASSAGE." Any method of pressure on or friction against, or stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, pounding, vibrating, or stimu- lating of the external soft parts of the body with the hands or with the aid of any mechanical or electrical apparatus or appliance with or without such supplementary aids as rubbing alcohol, liniments, antiseptics, oils, powder, creams, lotions, ointments, or other similar preparations commonly used in this practice.
   "MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENT." Any establishment having a fixed place of business where any person, firm, association, or corporation engages in or carries on or permits to be engaged in or carried on any massage activities.
   "MASSEUR" or "MASSEUSE." Any person who, for any consideration whatsoever, engages in the practice of massage.
   "RECOGNIZED SCHOOL." Any school or institution of learning which has for its purpose the teaching of the theory, method, profession, or work of massage, which school requires a resident course of study not less than 70 hours to be given in not more than three calendar months before the student shall be furnished with a diploma or certificate of graduation from such school or institution of learning following the successful completion of such course of study or learning.
('75 Code, § 14-81) (Ord. 4251, passed 10-29-73)