Should the city exercise is option to enter into contracts for the towing, storage, and disposition of abandoned vehicles identified by the city, the rates and service charges shall not exceed the following:
   Basic Towing Fee   $45
   Additional Fees:
   Storage   $9 per day
   Dolly/flatbed   $10
   For flatbed not notified by dispatcher, making return to lot necessary   $15
   Utilization of Oil-Dry   $7.50
   Winch or disconnect drive shaft   $5
   Clean-up of street   $5
   Cycle sling   $10
(No extra charge for small moped)
   After one hour on scene
   Small wrecker   $10 per 15 min.
   Large wrecker   $15 per 15 min.
(Ord. 6153, passed 2-29-00)