§ 150.54  APPROVAL.
   (A)   Approval of any installed public improvements to be dedicated must be obtained from the appropriate operating authority prior to approval of a final plat. Before the Commission approves a final plat showing park reservation(s) or land dedicated to any local governmental unit, the Commission shall obtain approval of the reservation or dedication of the land from the participating jurisdiction.
   (B)   Upon concluding the hearing of a final plat of a major subdivision, the Commission shall state its findings in the matter, and determine the approval, disapproval or conditional approval of the application. The Commission will inform the applicant of its decision and any modifications or conditions upon which approval is contingent. The findings and decision of the Commission will be entered in the official minutes of the meeting. If the Commission approves, it shall affix the Commission’s seal upon the original final plat, together with the certifying signature of its President and executive director. Under conditional approval, the Commission’s certification shall be affixed at its next regular meeting after all modifications or conditions upon which approval is contingent have been satisfied. Upon certification by the Commission and by the applicable government entity, the applicant shall file the final plat with the County Auditor and record it with the County Recorder. If the Commission disapproves, it shall set forth the reasons for the disapproval in its own records and the executive director of the Area Plan Commission will provide the applicant with a copy within five working days following the public hearing.
   (C)   As per I.C. 36-7-4-708(d), final plat approval of a subdivision cannot occur until a minimum of 30 calendar days has elapsed since the granting of preliminary plan approval. Approval by the Commission is subject to review by certiorari.
(Ord. 2006-14, passed 4-3-2006; Ord. 2012-10, passed 7-2-2012)