Article I. General Provisions
Chapter 1.  In General
   1   Abolishment of present municipality
   2   Establishment of new municipality
   3   Title to property, etc., reserved to new municipality
   4   Obligation of contracts preserved
   5   Officers hold over until successors qualify; existing ordinance continued
   6   City motto
Chapter 2.  Powers
   1   Boundaries
   2   Extension or contraction of corporate limits
   3   Revision of Legal Description of Boundaries copy with changes
   4   Corporate powers
   5   General powers
   6   Extraterritorial powers
   7   Intergovernmental powers
   8   Form of government
   9   Definitions
Article II.  Administration
Chapter 1.  In General
   1   Appointment, term, etc., of certain officers
   2   Conflicts of interest by city officials; prohibited purchases
   3   Prohibitions - hold other office
   4   Prohibition - interference with administration
   5   Authority to sell municipal electric system
   6   Payment of salaries, etc., to certain employees dismissed prior to expiration of term of office
   7   Joint ownership and operation of electrical energy production facilities with St. Cloud, Florida
Chapter 2.  City Commission
   1   Legislative body
   2   Term of office of commissioners
   3   Reserved.
   4   Commissioners to continue in office until successors elected and qualified; exceptions
   5   Mayor-commissioner
   6   Compensation of commissioners
   7   Candidates to announce and qualify for particular office; deadline for qualification; method of qualifying; majority vote required for election; conduct of election; when candidate to take office
   8   Judge of qualifications and election of members; removal of members
   9   Quorum
   10   Majority vote of entire city commission required to transact business
   11   Meetings
   12   Special meetings­call
   13   Same­Notice
   14   Records and meetings public
   15   Action by ordinance or resolution
   16   Rules for conduct of meetings, etc.; authority to compel attendance of members
   17   Filling of vacancies
   18   Removal from office
   19   Forfeiture of office
   20   Powers and duties generally
   21   Delegation of powers
   22   Investigative powers
   23   Contracts of more than thirty five thousand dollars
   24   Fixing of millage for tax assessments
   25   Suspension of office
Chapter 3.  City Manager
   1   Chief executive and administrative officer of city
   2   Qualifications
   3   Compensation
   4   Bond
   5   Powers and duties generally
   6   Appointment of city clerk and collector
   7   Attendance at commission meetings; recommendations to commission
   8   Vacancies in office
   9   Authority of commission over manager
Chapter 4.  Tax Assessor
Chapter 5.  City Attorney
   1   Qualifications
   2   Duties; compensation
Chapter 6.  Municipal Development Board
   1   Definitions as used in this chapter
   2   Membership, terms, qualifications and appointment
   3   Duties
   4   Powers
   5   Powers of city commission
   6   Limitations on debts
   7   Audit of accounts
   8   Purchases by board
   9   Procedure for claims
   10   Intent of chapter
   11   Municipal district territory
   12   Procedure for altering territory of district
   13   Budget procedure
   14   Exemption from taxation
   15   Provisions of chapter severable
   16   Repeal of conflicting laws
Article III.  Elections
Chapter 1.  In General
   1   Date general municipal elections held, run-off elections
   2   Notice of special elections
   3   City manager to furnish election inspectors with list of registered voters; return of same to city manager
   4   Voting machines and ballots
   5   Matters not covered by charter
   6   Order of candidate names on ballot
   6   Non-partisan office
Chapter 2.  Qualifications and Registration of Electors
   1   Residence requirements
   2 - 9 Reserved.
Article IV.  Finance and Taxation
Chapter 1.  In General
   1   Fiscal year of city
   2   Authority of city to levy and impose license taxes
   3   Funds of city to be paid out by check
   4   City manager to account for handling of city money
   5   Budget procedure
   6   Annual audit of city accounts
   7   Semiannual report on financial condition of city by city manager
   8   City depositories
   9   Reserved.
   10   Regulation of methods of reporting and accounting by city officers
   11   Reserved.
Chapter 2.  Borrowing Authority of City
   1   City authorized to issue bonds for municipal purposes; limitation on amount of bonds issued
   2   Approval by freeholders required; notice of election
   3   Signatures and city seal on bonds; time and place bonds payable; maximum discount for which bonds may be sold
   4   Duty of city commission to assess taxes for payment of bonds
   5   Coupon bonds for refunding bonded indebtedness
   6   Reserved.
Chapter 3.  Assessment and Collection of Taxes
   1   Taxable property
   2   When property assessed; assessment to be for just value
   3   When tax returns to be filed
   4   Reserved.
   5   Determination of rate of taxation; maximum levy for general city purposes; additional levies permitted for specified purposes; publication of intent to levy additional taxes
   6   Conflict with rights of county
   7   Compromises abatement and refunds
   8   Reserved.
   9   Reserved.
   10 - 15   Reserved.
Article V.  Pensions and Insurance
   1   Authority of city
   2   Deductions from wages
   3   Contributions from city
   4   Plan to be in addition to workmen's compensation
Article VI.  Improvements
Chapter 1. In General
   1   Letting of contracts
Chapter 2.  Procedure Generally
   1   Authority to provide improvements and levy, etc., special assessments against property benefited
   2   Method of prorating special assessments
   3   Resolution required to declare special assessment
   4   Plans and specifications, with estimated cost of proposed improvement, required before adoption of resolution
   5   Publication of resolution
   6   Assessment roll generally
   7   Publication of assessment roll
   8   Equalizing board to hear complaints and adjust assessments; rebate of difference in cost and assessment
   9   Priority of lien; interest and method of payment
   10   Legal proceedings instituted upon failure of property owner to pay special assessment or interest when due; foreclosure, service of process
   11   Bonds may be issued to an amount not exceeding the amount of liens assessed for the cost of improvements to be paid by special assessment
   12   City commission required to make new assessments until valid assessment is made if special assessment is omitted or held invalid
   13   City commission may pay out of its general funds, or any special fund for the purpose, portion of cost of improvement; items considered improvement cost
   14   Assessment roll sufficient evidence of assessment and other proceedings of this chapter; variance not material unless party objecting materially injured thereby
   15   Denomination of bonds, interest, place of payment, form, signatures, coupons and delivery
   16   Notice required where no newspaper is published in county in which city is situated
   17   Construction and authority of chapter
   18   Bonds issued under chapter negotiable
   19   Provisions of chapter supplemental, additional and alternative procedure
Article VII.  Building and Land Regulation
Chapter 1.  Building and Regulation and Permits
   1   Authority of city to regulate construction, etc. of buildings
   2   Permits
   3   Inspections
   4   Enforcement of chapter and ordinances; injunction against violations
   5   Building permits not to be granted for nonconforming buildings
Chapter 2.  Subdivision of Land
   1   Authority of city
Chapter 3.  Zoning
   1   Authority to regulate use, etc., of buildings, land, etc.
   2   Purpose of chapter; standards for zoning
   3   Zoning ordinance­Notice and hearing required
Article VIII.  Reserved
Article IX.  Utility Authority
   1   General provisions
   2   Authority to consist of five members
   3   Reserved.
   4   Election of members after initial organization
   5   Compensation
   6   Indemnification
   7   Issuing debt
   8   Agreements and short-term debt
   9   Pension or retirement system
   10   Reporting requirements to city
   11   Payment of obligation
   12   Interest in contracts with the authority ­ Members and officers
   13   Same ­ Employees
   14   Management and control of utilities facilities
   15   Service to customers
   16   Rates for municipal use
   17   Rules, rates and regulations for private use
   18   Eminent domain
   19   Service ­ Discontinuance
   20   Transfer of assets and liabilities
   21   Authority to sell municipal electric system
   22   Joint ownership and operation of electrical energy production facilities with St. Cloud, Florida
Editor's Note:
   This Part I consists of the Charter of the city which is Ch. 65-1775, adopted at the 1965  Session of the Florida Legislature
   Municipal Home Rule Powers Act, App. C; Municipal Annexation or Contraction Act,  App. D
An Act abolishing the present municipality of Kissimmee, in Osceola County, and creating and establishing a Municipal Corporation to be known as the City of Kissimmee, in Osceola County; prescribing the territorial limits thereof; prescribing form of government and conferring certain powers upon said municipality and the officers thereof; providing effective date.
Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida: