1345.02  PURPOSE.
   The general purpose of this chapter is to regulate the placement, construction, and modification of Towers and Telecommunications Facilities in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, while at the same time not unreasonably interfering with the development of the competitive wireless telecommunications marketplace in the Village.
Specifically, the purposes of this chapter are:
   (a)    To regulate the location of the Towers and Telecommunications Facilities in the Village;
   (b)    To protect residential areas and land uses from potential adverse impact of Towers and Telecommunications Facilities;
   (c)    To minimize adverse visual impact of Towers and Telecommunications Facilities through careful design, siting, landscaping, and innovative camouflaging techniques;
   (d)    To promote and encourage shared use/collocation of Towers and Antenna Support Structures as a primary option rather than construction of additional single-use Towers;
    (e)    To promote and encourage utilization of technological designs that will either eliminate or reduce the need for erection of new Tower structures to support antenna and Telecommunications Facilities;
    (f)    To avoid potential damage to property caused by Towers and Telecommunications Facilities by ensuring such structures are soundly and carefully designed, constructed, modified, maintained, and removed when no longer used or are determined to be structurally unsound; and
    (g)    To ensure that Towers and Telecommunications facilities are compatible with surrounding land uses.
      (Ord. 3-98-03. Passed 3-17-98.)