(a)   Land used or occupied and buildings erected or structurally altered shall be used or changed in use only after an occupancy permit has been issued by the Zoning Inspector.  Such permit shall state that the building and proposed use comply with the requirements of the zoning certificate of compliance and have been constructed in accordance with the CABO Dwelling Code, as amended, and the provisions of this Ordinance.
   (b)   Any person, firm or corporation who occupied or permits to be occupied, or who sells, leases, or rents a house, building, building unit, or structure for which an occupancy permit has not been issued, or in the case of alterations, additions or repairs whoever occupies or permits to be occupied or utilized or sells, leases or rents that portion of the house, building, building unit or structure added, altered or repaired, for which an occupancy permit has not been issued, shall be guilty of violating this chapter and shall be subject to the penalties provided therein.  In addition to any such penalties the occupancy permit deposit shall be forfeited and placed in the General Fund of the Village.
   (c)   A record of all occupancy permits issued shall be kept in the office of the Clerk- Treasurer and copies shall be furnished on request to any person having an interest in the property to which they apply.  (Ord.  3-89-05.  Passed 3-1-89.)