(a)   No building or structure shall be built, altered or repaired; no excavation made; no change of use of a building or land shall be permitted except after the issuance of a zoning certificate of compliance.  No certificate shall be issued by the Zoning Inspector except in conformity with the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance.
   (b)   Applications for a zoning certificate of compliance shall be made to the Zoning Inspector on forms provided.  Those applications for the construction of new buildings or structures shall be accompanied by the information required by Chapter 1165.  All other applications shall be accompanied by a plot plan drawn to scale showing the size and shape of the parcel of land, the location of structures or uses with respect to the property lines and to the right of way and any other information the Zoning Inspector deems necessary for consideration of the application.  All applications shall be accompanied by a fee payable to the Village of Kirtland Hills in an amount as set forth in the official schedule of fees as adopted from time to time by Council.  Prior to the issuance of a certificate of compliance an occupancy deposit shall be posted with the Village in an amount as set forth in the official schedule of fees as adopted from time to time by Council.  Any expenses associated with violations or corrections thereof, such as reinspections or legal actions, shall be deducted from the occupancy deposit.
   (c)   The Zoning Inspector, following his review of any application for zoning certificate of compliance, shall, in the case of an application for a use permit forward the same to the Clerk- Treasurer, and in the case of an application for the construction of a new building or the alteration or repair of an existing building, forward the same together with attachments, to the Clerk of the Architectural Board of Review.
(Ord.  3-89-05.  Passed 3-1-89.)
   (d)   Upon approval of an application by the Architectural Board of Review, the Zoning Inspector shall issue a certificate of compliance which may be filed with the Lake County Building Department for purposes of obtaining a building permit.  Upon receipt of a building permit from the Lake County Building Department, a copy of same shall be filed with the Zoning Inspector prior to the commencement of any construction.
   (e)   A record of all certificates of compliance issued shall be kept in the offices of the Zoning Inspector and/or the Clerk-Treasurer.
   (f)   Except for good cause shown, the same being within the sole discretion of the Zoning Inspector, a certificate of compliance shall lapse and be null and void unless construction of the proposed improvement is commenced within one hundred eighty days of the issuance of the certificate of compliance and an occupancy permit applied for and issued within two years after issuance of the certificate of compliance.  If construction is not commenced or completed within the time aforesaid and the Zoning Inspector has determined that good cause has not been shown, all fees and deposits shall be forfeited.
(Ord.  12-94-19.  Passed 12-19-94.)