§ 836.18  SETBACKS.
   No part of a gas or oil well operation conducted pursuant to a permit issued under this chapter, including, but not limited to, the erection or use of a drill rig, the storage of supplies and materials, the placement of tanks or any other use directly or indirectly associated with the drilling or well operation, shall be conducted within the minimum front yard, side yard or rear yard set-back requirements as established by Chapter 1280 of the Planning and Zoning Code for each zoning district. No access road for the ingress and egress of trucks and equipment to the well site or for the operation of the well shall be placed within the minimum side yard or rear yard set-back requirements or within 50 feet of any occupied dwelling, whichever distance is greater. The set-back requirements of this section shall not apply to a lot line of a parcel of land which directly adjoins another parcel of land where both parcels are a part of one pool agreement for the purpose of forming a drilling unit approved by the Chief of the Division of Oil and Gas pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 1509.
(Ord. 87-O-53, passed 10-19-1987)