§ 834.01  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter:
   (a)   Game room. "Game room" means a building, room enclosure, premises, place or establishment in the city which contains more than four mechanical or electrical amusement devices, other than telephones, juke boxes or coin-operated rides, which mechanical or electrical amusement devices require coins or tokens for their operation.
   (b)   Mechanical or electrical amusement device. "Mechanical or electrical amusement device" means a machine or device, other than a telephone, juke box or coin-operated ride, which, upon the insertion of a coin or token, operates or may be operated for use as a game, contest or amusement of any description, or which may be used for any such game, contest or amusement. "Mechanical or electrical amusement device" does not include and shall not be construed as pertaining to machines which have as their primary purpose the dispensing of a product or merchandise upon deposit of one or more coins or tokens.
(Ord. 82-O-48, passed 6-21-1982)