(a)   All items advertised or displayed for sale at a sale regulated by this chapter shall be the personal property of the person conducting the sale. Such personal property must have been used or possessed by the seller incidental to his or her use and occupancy of the single-family residential dwelling from which such sale is conducted. As used in this section, a single-family residential dwelling includes any private living unit, whether in a one-family, two-family, multifamily, apartment or dormitory structure.
   (b)   No such sale shall be held on any property, other than that mentioned in subsection (a) hereof, not designated as commercial or industrial, but this shall not prevent the operation of a rummage sale by a church, school or other recognized nonprofit organization on its premises.
   (c)   No person shall sell personal property for or on behalf of any other person either by consignment or otherwise.
   (d)   No person shall sell any personal property purchased from others for the sole purpose of selling it from such person's single-family residential dwelling. However, owners of contiguous property may join together to conduct a joint sale of property, meeting all other conditions of this section, provided that the names of the sellers are set forth on the required permit.
(Ord. 74-O-38, passed 3-18-1974)