(a)   No person shall operate a place of temporary business which:
      (1)   Violates the provisions of the Zoning Code of the city which governs setbacks of merchandise displayed for sale and the district in which such activities can be conducted;
      (2)   Exhibits signs of any kind which are in violation of the provisions of the Sign Code of the city; and/or
      (3)   In any manner adversely affects the public health, safety or welfare.
   (b)   In authorizing such outside displays, the responsible official may attach such reasonable conditions as he or she deems necessary including, but not limited to, the length of time such display may be permitted, the portions of the property used for display, provisions for parking, provisions for adequate ingress and egress and the posting of a deposit not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) to ensure compliance with city laws, including, but not limited to, the municipal income tax laws.
(Ord. 02-O-51, passed 11-4-2002)