It shall be unlawful for any person traveling about the city engaged in soliciting from a vehicle to:
   (a)   Operate a vehicle when under the age of 18 years;
   (b)   Operate a vehicle at a speed in excess of 15 mph or more when cruising neighborhoods or attempting to make a sale;
   (c)   Make a U-turn on any street;
   (d)   Operate the vehicle backwards in making or attempting to make a sale;
   (e)   Double park or park in any manner contrary to any ordinance relating to parking when attempting to make or making a sale;
   (f)   Permit any person except an employee to hang on the vehicle or permit any person except an employee to ride on or in the vehicle;
   (g)   Refuse to remove the vehicle from any street or public place in the city upon the request of a police officer when, in the opinion of the police officer, the vehicle is causing traffic congestion;
   (h)   Make or attempt to make a sale within a public park, or within 500 feet of any school, school yard or school playground during the hours when such school is in regular or special session, or for a period of one-half hour after the closing of such school;
   (i)   Make or attempt to make a sale within 100 feet of an intersection;
   (j)   Make or attempt to make a sale to any person standing in a street of the city;
   (k)   Make or attempt to make a sale from a side of a vehicle not closest to the nearest curb or berm;
   (l)   Cry his or her wares in a loud voice or use any noise-producing device other than a soft chime and the limit of audibility of his voice or chime shall not be more than 200 feet from the source of such sound; and/or
   (m)   Sell or offer for sale, food, candy confections, frozen desserts or beverages unless the operator of the vehicle, is at all times, accompanied by a responsible adult whose sole duty it shall be to keep a look out for and protect the safety of, children and other persons attracted to or proceeding to or from the location of the vehicle.
(Ord. 02-O-51, passed 11-4-2002)