(a)   Upon receipt of an application for a solicitor's or temporary business license, the responsible official shall cause such investigation of such person's or persons' business responsibility or moral character to be made as they deem necessary for the protection of the public good. If, as a result of such investigation, the applicant's character and business responsibility are found to be unsatisfactory, the application shall be denied.
   (b)   In the case of temporary businesses not located within a building or enclosed mall, the responsible official shall conduct an investigation relative to the proposed location of the temporary business. If, as a result of such an investigation, the responsible official determines that the proposed location will adversely affect the health, safety or welfare by causing or creating traffic hazard, traffic congestion or for any other reason, the application shall be denied.
   (c)   The responsible official shall keep a full record in his or her office of all licenses issued and shall submit a copy of such record to the Chief of Police and the Finance Director. Such licenses shall contain a license number, the date the same is issued, the nature of the business authorized to be carried on, the amount of the license fee paid, the expiration date of the license, the place where the business may be carried on under such permit, the name or names of the person or persons authorized to carry on the same. Within 30 working days of receipt of an application the responsible official shall either issue to the applicant the requested license or issue a written notice of denial and the reasons therefor.
      Any license issued under the provisions of this section shall not authorize any person or persons, except the identical person or persons named in said license to engage in business thereunder and such license shall not be transferable.
   (d)   Every licensee under this chapter doing business in the city, upon making any sale of or taking any order for any goods, wares, merchandise, articles, things or services for future delivery shall deliver to and leave with the purchaser or person giving any such order a sales slip or copy of such order contract containing a description of the goods, wares, merchandise, articles, things or services ordered or contracted for, the agreed price thereof, the amount of all delivery charges thereon, the date for the future delivery thereof, the name and address of the solicitor and the name and address of the person, firm or company, if any, for whom the solicitor is acting.
(Ord. 02-O-51, passed 11-4-2002)