Section 5.  Mandatory Zoning Referendum.
   Any ordinance or resolution enacted by the Council of the City of Kirtland which changes the zoning classification or zoning district from one land use to another land use shall be, after passage by Council, submitted to the electors for approval or disapproval at the next general or primary election which occurs at least ninety (90) days after the passage of said ordinance or resolution.
   If the ordinance is approved by fifty-five percent (55%) of those voting in the election, the ordinance shall become law on the first Monday after the results of the election are certified to the City by the Board of Elections of Lake County.
   In the event the ordinance is disapproved by the electors, the ordinance or issue set forth therein shall not be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration or acted upon by Council until three hundred sixty-five (365) days have elapsed since the date of the election in which the ordinance or regulation was disapproved.
(Amended 11-4-1980; 11-6-1990)