Section 9.  Effective Date of Ordinances and Resolutions.
   Each ordinance or resolution shall go into effect thirty (30) days after its final passage by the Council except for the following:
   (a)   any ordinance providing for the appropriation of money, or for an annual tax levy, or for improvements petitioned for by the owners of a majority of the foot frontage of the property benefitted and to be specially assessed therefor;
   (b)   any emergency ordinance or resolution necessary to promote and/or preserve the public peace, health, safety, comfort, prosperity, morals and general welfare of the City;
which ordinances shall take effect, unless a later time be specified therein, upon signature by the Mayor, or as otherwise provided in Article II, Section 6 of this Charter, as the case may be.
(Amended 11-4-1980; 11-7-2000; 11-2-2010)