(a)   If an employee exhausts sick leave, but has not qualified for disability retirement benefits, other city employees may donate up to 16 hours from their own sick leave accumulation to be credited to the sick leave accumulation of the requesting employee, for a maximum of 128 hours to be given to any individual employee from any and all sources.
   (b)   Any donation of sick leave hours shall be in writing and signed by the donating employee, shall specify the employee to whom the hours and/or days are to be donated and must first be approved by the department head.
   (c)   Transfer of sick leave under this policy is allowed only once a year.
   (d)   The employee to whom the sick leave has been donated must first exhaust all his or her sick leave, and the donated sick leave hours shall be used only in accordance with this section and other provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 97-O-20, passed 3-3-1997)